From Photos to Fun Stripes

I would be embarrassed to tell you how many photos I actually have on my phone, but I also use it like a visual scrapbook. Little snippets capturing a moment in time where something has peaked my interest. It could be colours in nature, some amazing colourful graffiti or just an obscure thing I find visually stimulating.

So what do we do with all these photos? People rarely print them now as we live in such a digital paperless world. I’ve made a conscious effort though to change this for myself and plan on making some photos books capturing family time and vacations in the coming weeks. Many of my photos I use as colour inspiration for interior schemes or surface pattern design but one of the simplest forms is to create these fun stripes. Below you’ll see just a small selection of the photos I have taken and the lovely stripes they can generate. For some cosy Autumn vibes check out my previous post Interior Colours for Fall.

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