Architectural Elements & Design Motifs

Do you ever think to look up as you walk around towns or cities? Often the architecture found above street level is far more interesting than the modern day facades on our level. So many decorative architectural elements and details are a source of inspiration and also act as a record of the passing of time. The different styles and types of stone or brick tell so much of a story.

There is a beautiful gothic style church on the main street in my town dating from 1888. My eye has often been drawn to the shapes and structure of the stained glass windows. Although I have never been inside it, I imagine the windows take on a whole new look with the light shining through. All the windows are made up of simple repeating geometric shapes, the perfect starting point for a collection of fabric designs.

With a fresh colour palette to hand I began by drawing various elements and motifs to then develop into new designs. This colour palette is part of a collaboration with another group of designers. Throughout the year we design several collections all using the same colour palette and then offer them for sale on Spoonflower. Customers can then order from a collection of over 500 mix and match designs all using the same range of colours.

Spring Garden Collection

This group of designs has a retro feel to it but the crisp colours give it a more updated feel. By varying scales and colour combinations the designs can be used together and applied to a wide range of end products. The full design collection can be found on my Spoonflower Store or you can contact me directly for ordering and customizing locally here in Canada.

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