Hello 2019!

The internet and social media seem full of ideas for renewing and refreshing everything as we head into January. Everything from food, self care and mindset through to home interiors and decluttering. The New Year is a time to re-evaluate so many things but it could easily become  an endless list that is overwhelming. How far do we actually get with any of these plans as the year goes on?

As I head into 2019 there are many things to look forward to, moving onto the interior of my accessibility project,  a few finishing touches on a ground floor renovation project along with various other projects I am collaborating on and new things in the pipeline. 

At the beginning of every year I start by telling myself I should do more creative drawing and painting and get back in tune with those abilities and practical artwork. Occasionally I pick up a paint brush but as always I should try and find time to do more,  focusing some time on the meditative properties of being practically artistic, rather than just when my daughter has elaborate ideas for Halloween costumes or Birthday parties.

I have been brightening up my home office workspace recently and need to finish that off, switching out a couple of darker feature walls I had with a new crisp white back drop to allow for new mood boards where I can pin fabric swatches, paint colours and finishes. My office is in our basement and whilst I do have some natural light I’ve also changed the majority of the bulbs to daylight LEDs and it makes such a difference to the space, especially in the dullness of January. 

Here on the blog I’ll be sharing my take on some of the emerging trends in interiors and styling as well as keeping you updated on some of my ongoing projects and how they are progressing.


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